This Great Country…

One of the things I love about this country, is no matter how impossibly crowded the towns, the roads, and the pavements always seem to be, you never actually have to travel far to find some breathing space-which is unbelievable when you think of the vast number of people we have all sharing the same bit of land.  I’m sure my circumstances are no different to most people.  I live in a large town, yet despite this it never takes more then a 20 minute walk to find some serious peace and quiet.

Today for example, I spent 5 whole hours walking from Waddesdon to Wendover in Buckinghamshire, completing the 31 mile Aylesbury Ring, using the North Bucks Way, the Midshires Way, and Swan Way and yet I only saw five people over the entire walk!

Anyway, here are a few of today’s pictures…

Alpacas small
Alpacas in Ford

Horse small

Coloured field small Cows small

Dinton Stocks small

Dinton Church small

River small Storm Clouds small