Hardcore Hiking…

spires-smallerOn paper, the conditions were ideal. At least they would have been, if the farmers of Lincolnshire hadn’t all conspired together, to plough all their fields at the same time the weeks before the event.Then there was the weather. Did I mention the weather? Five hours of non-stop heavy rain, while the competitors slipped, and stumbled their way through those muddy fields.

So the question remains: Why would literally so many people gather together for so much collective discomfort over a 26, or 13 mile course? One of the organisers, Donna Sutton said, “It was our biggest turnout in the last five years.”  Was it for charity? Well, there are far easier ways to give money, one of which was being simply to click on your banks website. Was it down then to simply one’s desire to improve on one’s personal best. The conditions were hardly conducive to anyone being rewarded with their best ever marathon time. So what was this mysterious force that drew so many people together? Surely, it has to come down to the overwhelming sense of achievement that results from undertaking such a task. The fact that the conditions were so difficult, that just made the sense of achievement even greater.

Spires and Steeples Heritage Trail

Now, in its 9th year, the name of the event comes from the rural sport of Steeplechasing. The course itself runs from Lincoln to Sleaford over a 26 mile course, taking in the villages of Washingborough, Heighington, Branston, Potter, Hanworth,  Nocton, Dunstan, Metheringham, Scopwick,  Digby, Dorrington and Ruskington. Money raised from the event went to the charity Wheel power.


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