“Getting by with little help from my friends…”

Such a huge, surge of emotions and memories still surfacing from yesterday. On so many levels, the whole day proved to be inspiring-hearing everyone telling their story as to why they were taking part, as we each walked along the course. 
 Before the marathon even started, one of the organizers told us that the route was extremely challenging, and as such, we needed to look out for each other. And that’s exactly what took place throughout the day. I saw numerous examples of people helping each other to the finishing line-not least the girl ( Louise ) who helped me personally with my heat stroke, and who walked with me for the last few miles.

 When we discuss how powerless we all are, when we are faced with the shock of losing somebody-taking part in events like this doesn’t of course bring our loved ones back. But, it’s about trying to do something to help-however small that is, in the face of that loss, and sometimes that’s all we need-some small measure, to help us to cope.

 For me, I needed to do this, for my Grandparents who both died of cancer, so just wanted to thank everyone who helped me to do this, by either sponsoring me, or simply putting up with me boring them to death about this marathon for the last few months


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