Hadrian’s Wall Day IV


After packing my tent away in a record 10 minutes and then shoehorning the resulting bundle into an ever decreasing gap in my Tardis-like car boot, first I managed to lose my phone, then had problems with my ignition, which meant despite best intentions, arriving at our scheduled starting point, Banks Turret, just after 10 am, before walking the 10 miles back to Cawfields.

We keep seeing the same people who are also walking Hadrian’s Wall this week. Every approaching silhouette of another familiar walker on a hillside, suddenly appearing, or disappearing from view, usually draws a remark or look, expressing a certain renewed conviction for everyone involved-knowing that no one had yet given up.

For this week only, this was the club we’d chosen to be a part of. Every gate opened, blister dressed, and mile completed, has been entirely shared. Next week, it will be another disparate group.

Checked into the Howard’s Arms in Front Street, Brampton-a place where apparently Charles Dickens once slept. Every room was named after a Dickens character. My room was called Fagin’s. Read what you like into that!

During the night, I listened to the chimes from the town clock every hour into the early hours. Lovely town. 57 miles walked so far. 27 miles left and 2 days remaining. “


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