Hadrian’s Wall Day III


Drove to Winsheilds Farm camp site at Bardon Mill, Hexham to check in. Then drove to Cawfields and walked the 10 miles back to Brocolitia.

Magnificent scenery, shifting gear through an ever increasing set of vistas culminating in the highest point, Green Slack (345m). It seems this section was easily the most popular part of the entire walk judging by the amount of hikers we came across.  At times there was literally a traffic jam of people bunched up together wanting to ascend or descend a particular path, especially when an American woman had a full-on vertigo attack and nobody could get past her.

In the evening, set up my slightly lop-sided Coleman Cobra tent-without realising fully the consequences of a camp site being entirely on a slope, resulting in me constantly sliding down to the bottom of the tent and then having to pull myself back up, throughout the night! Maybe, I should have attached some industrial strength velcro to the floor? On top of the continuous sliding, it was so windy, I didn’t dare interfere with the orientation of the tent in case it billowed out like a parachute and took off, leaving me pinned against the hill.

Anyway, due to the general discomfort, couldn’t sleep for more then a couple of hours. The daylight couldn’t come soon enough. 47 miles walked so far. 37 to go.


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