Holdstone Hill and the story of Jesus appearing in a spaceship….

A couple of weeks ago, me and Ben were returning to a nearby car park-having just climbed the highest cliff face in England, known as the Great Hangman. It must have taken us nearly 3 hours to climb it and get back down again. Afterwards, we decided to take a short cut over Holdstone Hill which is even higher then the Great Hangman and stands at 349m above sea level.

Once we got to the summit we saw that there was a cairn, and beside this cairn, sat a woman, all on her own, in a seemingly, deep, meditative pose with her legs crossed. It was certainly an unusual sight.

Anyway, we both said a greeting but because she didn’t seem to want to talk and looked happy in her own company, we proceeded to clamber each in turn, rather noisily onto the top of this pile of stones to have our photographs taken, proving that we had climbed that too.

I was just looking up on Google the name of this mountain, to find out it’s actual height, when I finally realised what the woman was actually doing. According to the Aertherius Society, they believe that Jesus once appeared in a spaceship on Holdstone Down, so they view it as a really holy mountain.

Aertherians believe that Jesus appeared to George King, their founder on the 23rd July 1958, which is why every year on that same day, hundreds of people gather at that precise spot to charge a special battery with spiritual energy to be released when the Aertherians decide the World is in most dire need of it.

And there we were, clambering all over the mountain, laughing and having our picture taken disturbing this poor woman’s deeply meditave state and attempt to rid the World of all its problems and unify all the disharmony through thought alone.

I just wanted to say, if everyone has a truly awful year and everything seems to go wrong for them-that might just be down to me and Ben being so incredibly disrespectful and making such a huge noise on the top of this mountain, obviously disturbing the fragile balance in Universal karma. Sorry!!!